About Us

Salus Resources is a Department of Veterans Affairs certified service-disabled veteran-owned small business. We specialize in analyzing the potential impacts of development and restoration actions on habitats and species. We have extensive experience in preparing regulatory documents and consultations under the Endangered Species Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act, Magnuson-Stevens Act, and National Environmental Policy Act.

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Our associates and affiliates have completed hundreds of environmental impact assessments. This includes formal and informal Section 7 consultations under the Endangered Species Act, biological assessments/evaluations, environmental analyses and environmental impact statements under National Environmental Policy Act, as well as work under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, Clean Water Act, and other federal environmental regulatory frameworks.

Our staff are highly skilled biologists who understand marine mammal, sea turtle, and fish impact mechanisms including acoustic analyses, are familiar with marine species ecology and distributions, and can recognize problematic project details that might be out of compliance with regional or local requirements. Our biologists understand how to work with consulting agencies such as the USACE, state departments of transportation, and municipalities to gather key information and spot and reconcile inconsistencies to allow projects to be reviewed in a timely manner.

In providing support to federal agencies under the ESA, our ability to accurately assess and review projects for regulatory compliance and potential impacts to marine species means that agency staff can rely on Salus to provide clean, consistent, and defensible consultations. Because our documents reliably meet or exceed the NMFS requirements and employ consistent language for impact analyses, they are easily reviewed and cleared for signature. This frees up agency staff time spend more time conducting species management and providing technical assistance and public outreach.

We also provide project reviews prior to permit application submittal to assess project design, construction methods, and timing for elements that might trigger a need for formal consultation. Identifying project components that conflict with species management or recovery plans or seasonal life stage requirements reduces federal regulatory review time, speeds permit processing, and helps avoid late-stage project redesign to incorporate agency required mitigation strategies. These project reviews help the project proponent submit a complete and focused permit application that will facilitate shorter consultation time.