Our Work

ESA Support

Our specialty is providing support to federal agencies under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Using our Endangered Species Act Project Management (ESAPM) platform, Salus Resources completed 115 ESA Section 7 consultations during fiscal year 2021 and assisted the National Marine Fisheries Service in reducing the time needed to complete their Section 7 work. Our staff and affiliates averaged 27 days from initiation of informal consultations until clearance for signature, which helped reduce the time to complete for NMFS's Southeast Region.

Federal Support for Meeting ESA Obligations

Working with FEMA, we also led the development of the implementation plan for the National Flood Insurance Program in Oregon. This implementation plan was designed collaboratively with federal and state agencies and stakeholders the help FEMA meet their obligations for protecting and preserving ESA listed species throughout Oregon.

Technical Support

Our deep experience under the ESA and other federal statutes allows us to integrate technical support with a thorough understanding of federal regulatory requirements. With this experience, we also provide modeling and acoustic support for environmental reviews and permit applications throughout the nation. This has included providing technical support to NMFS under the ESA and Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) in both Alaska and the Southeast Region and providing technical assistance for the development and submission of incidental harassment authorizations under the MMPA.